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Also additional information on freeing yourself from the matrix specifically from EU or Dutch sources is greatly appreciated.

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I wish this would not be necessary but running a website with long running video's on it is expensive (premium account).  If you like the content there is an option to donate. I'll appreciate it if you message me content suggestions along with the donation.


Het zou niet nodig moeten zijn, maar een website met langlopende video's erop is duur (Premium abonnement).  Als de inhoud u bevalt is er een optie om te doneren. Ik waardeer het als je me inhoudelijke suggesties geeft samen met de donatie.


Not very good at describing myself.  I found a video that fit's me quite good. Apparently a sigma male is what I am, or the closest description I've found yet.

Any questions can be answered through the contact form or EarthUnited's Nijmegen network group.

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"The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves."