The subrogation of your rights


When London burned the subrogation of mens and womens rights occurred. The responsible act passed... CQV act 1666 meant all men and women of UK were declared dead and lost beyond the seas.The state took everybody and everybody's property into trust.The state takes control until a living man or woman comes back and claims their titles by proving they are alive and claims for damages can be made. This is why you always need representation when involved in legal matters, because you're dead.The legal fiction is a construct on paper, an estate in trust.When you get a bill or summons from court it is always in capital letters, similar to tomb stones in grave yards.Capital letters signify death.They are writing to the dead legal fiction.A legal fiction was created when someone informed the government that there was a new vessel in town, based upon your birth.Birth certificates are issued at birth, just as ships are given berth certificates.


Your mother has a birth canal, just like a ship.All this information relates to how the general public are still legally tied.Through admiralty law, through this ancientlegal construct we can be easily controlled.Learning about your legal fiction helps you to unlock yourself.Otherwise you are just a vessel floating on the sea of commerce.It is possible to be free from financial stress and debt.Parents are tricked into registering the birth of their babies.In about 1837 the Births, Deaths and Marriages act was formed in UK and the post of registrar general was established.His job was to collect all the data from the churches which held the records of birth. Regis -from queen or crown.All people are seen to be in custody of," The Crown". This allows people to function in commerce and to accept the benefits provided by state.


So we are in custody.Worldwide -under the IMF the majority of people are fed, sheltered and provided for, however now it is the system that is benefitting while many are suffering, are poorly fed, housed and water is contaminated.Many people are now getting sick and dying as a result -not to mention that as people evolve, they now seek to be independent of any system that seeks to control or oppress and harms the earth that this is all taking place on.We have legally elected representatives.We have to understand who we are as men and women and how we can relate in the system.The City of London is a centre for markets, where merchants work.Then there is mercantile law.It comes from Admiralty.Look at the symbols in the City of London that relate to Admiralty. Our national banks are not our banks.The private shareholders from the private banks own the banks.It is all private, not public as we are led to believe."OF" also means "without", eg. The bank without England.Private banks issue private currency.


With WWI a change happened where money was not backed by gold or silver anymore, it is now based on peoples labour.People are now pledged to the IMF as the surety to pay back the creditors in the global bankruptcy. Men and women are not bankrupt, they are the only source of credit. The public is bankrupt.Regarding the currency that gets issued at the Bank of England, people are the gold or the treasure.The government issues bonds or treasury bills that are bought by investors.The money goes back into the economy in order to pay for the people to build things, e.g. an Olympic Stadium.However, the people are paying taxes for the privilege of using someone else's currency and paying back the principal and the interest on the original loan that was given against the treasury bonds, bills and notes.It is a private corporation that will own the Olympic stadium, be responsible for running it, be able to sell commercial rights, yet the people are actually the ones who own it and should be profiting from it.However, principal and interest is coming through the people in order to raise the money.So where you have commerce and money, you also have "justice".


You need to understand the bankruptcy before you can understand the judiciary.You need to accept the bankruptcy.We have accepted the claim to accept the summons.There is an obligation to accept any liability which has been created.All you can do is accept the bankruptcy.We are operating in admiralty.A not guilty plea dishonours the bankruptcy.The strawman, aka legal fiction is always guilty.It needs to be accepted for value.Barristers and solicitors make a living out of creating controversy.By creating a controversy you become liable for the case.Honour and dishonour.To remain in honour you have to accept a claim and settle it.Then you add conditions.I accept on proof of claim and proof of loss.This gives the liability back to them.The legal fiction is always guilty.Only in the high courts, can the real man or woman appear.Games are played on courts; hence the name court is a game with actors (acting on acts).It has to be treated as a game and just business.Court room dramas are misinformation.In the public, we are operating in bankruptcy and you receive benefits.It takes a lot of time, effort and study to use these tools.You have to be prepared to go fully through the process, get the right tool out of your toolbox at the right time.People need to learn how to act as creditors. In summary...

* Money is backed by labour.

* We cannot exchange it fairly for gold or silver.

* Capitalisation of "name" means a dead entity, a    legal fiction.

* Know who you are, you are not your strawman / ead fictitious entity.

* Learn how to become a creditor in commerce.

De subrogatie van uw rechten

Bij de grote brand in London werden de rechten van man / vrouw gesubrogeerd.  De daarvoor verantwoordelijke act werdt ingevoerd... De CQV act 1666 hield in dat alle mannen / vrouwen van de UK dood en verloren op zee verklaard werden. De staat nam iedereen inclusief eigendommen in een fonds.

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