The mission

Without going into every rabbit hole, UCC documentation and other complex matter we like to keep it simple. It all goes back to that one trespass at birth always remember that! We want to get that out there so every one knows. Why just focus on this trespass?


1. It happens / happened to all of us and all of us require remedy.

2. It's an easy to understand and easy to explain trespass.

3. It can be proven easily. The fraud is completely documented and proven to be there.


See this trespass happens to all of us and it corrupts our consciousness from the start. It also allows a pathway for even more fraud and corruption and it's why we have this situation. It's all commerce and it's all bought.  The solution begins with just knowing about the trespass and how it effects every man / woman in every day life. Knowing who we really are is important before we can take steps towards a honest foundation for life based on truth.  How will we proceed afterwards? We'll figure that out later. Right now there is a great sens of urgency to stop tyranny around the world. Only in peace can we figure out a way to fix the old system or think of something entirely new. We will then have the knowledge and can learn from past mistakes. The networks will be in place.

To learn more on the plans we have for the near future please follow these youtube channels: (switch to the website if the channel is removed by YT)  from from

Telegram groups:  (app komt eind of september)

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Telegram groep beleid

De bedoeling van de network groepen is vooral om locale gemeenschappen te maken. Post geen nieuws artikelen ect in de groepen tenzij het relevant is voor de gemeenschap. Bijvoorbeeld als iets in omgeving Nijmegen gaat gebeuren dan kan het in Nijmegen network.  De focus ligt vooral op het plan en oplossing van Earth United.  Graag jezelf even erin verdiepen en registreren op   Dank.

This group's purpose is to unite individuals on a local level, to enable you to coordinate action locally, share intel and support one another as/when the time arises... safety in numbers and we play by the rule book; no harm/injury, no loss, no acts of fraud/deception, keep the peace.

The first thing we suggest is to arrange a MEET UP in your group.  Meet your neighbour, as it were. Do this whilst you can and as regularly as you can, if you can, especially as your numbers grow.  You are the change that is needed in your area.

Please be kind towards one other, and the public when you are out together… most know not what they do and most of us are at varying levels of consciousness… always see the good in people and let's treat everyone with respect.  Humour is essential!

✅ Make friends
✅ Be helpful
✅ Exchange knowledge
✅ Remain in honour
✅ Cultivate community

Please keep on topics that are relevant to the group, and please focus posts towards our agenda – to end global tyranny and create an ecosystem for us to thrive within.

Check facts, before posting anything. Highlighting an element helps others to engage with the post. Remember it is your responsibility to research and evaluate any information shared before posting.

Excessive posting of forwarded posts or repetitive content may be deleted by admins without warning. We welcome freedom of speech and diverse views, but with Freedom of Speech, there is also an accountability for your words which you must be aware of:

❌ Any verbal, physical, psychological, or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
❌ We ban insults based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or     other characteristics.
❌ Verbal harassment  includes, but is not limited to excessive profanity, outright name-calling, misogyny and/or verbal threats/insults.
❌ The following are considered inappropriate and may be regarded as sexual harassment: Teasing/jokes, innuendo, photos/images, gestures of a sexual/unwanted nature.
❌ Racism or racist comments and the members who post them will be removed by admin.
❌ If religious arguments occur as they do, members will be asked to move their discussion to a private chat.
❌ Trolling and spamming will get you a warning, then a ban. Just don't do it.

Violating any rules, may lead to a warning, a restriction of use, or an instant ban, which we do not want to do.

Please, remember that all members of this group are living men and women gathered to value, honour and protect one another, share knowledge, gain strength and become mobilised.

United We Stand.


"There's no fate but what we make for ourselves"