Ron Gibson

Ron Gibson is a very smart fellow, and one of the leading experts in the United States on contract law, individual sovereignty and Land Patent Titles. Ron made his way through Kalispell, Montana for a conference some months back, and I was fortunate enough to be asked to record and produce a DVD collection for the event. The conference was an all-day event, and is broken down into 5 videos of roughly 70 - 90 minutes each. I encourage you to view all 5 videos, for it will be equivalent to a college education regarding who we really are.

Ron’s Land Patent Checklist 



1.Obtain a certified copy of your proof of ownership, usually a warranty deed or quitclaim deed.

2.Using the legal description from your deed, obtain from the BLM Records Division three certified copies of the original land patent that corresponds to your land.

3.Obtain one certified copy of every title transfer package starting from your purchase backwards to the original land patent.

4.Create a package containing the documents in the order listed below. Your package should contain about 7 or 8 pages.

    •A copy of your Certificate of Acceptance and Declaration of Land Patent. Staple at the bottom left corner of the first page a colorful sticky tab or 3 X 5 card with the following handwritten notice:




    DATE POSTED - ? - ? - 2013

    END DATE -       ? - ? - 2013


    •A copy of your certified copy of your deed or other proof of ownership. (Only certain pages needed.)

    •Summary of chain of title.

    •Notice page.

    •Copy of a certified copy of the patent that relates to your land.

5.Staple the pages of your package together and post the package on a bulletin board at your county court house or any other public building. Visit weekly to make sure it is still there. If not, replace it with another copy. Take a witness with you when you post it and when you pick it up 61 days later.

6.Record your package with your county recorder. Your patent process is completed.


THANK YOU.  Ron Gibson


The truth will set you free 

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The truth will set you free 

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The truth will set you free 

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The truth will set you free 

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The truth will set you free 

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