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This page is dedicated to spread and preserve the classes of David Straight.


(I say preserve because I have a feeling the video's will be removed. They are however uploaded to this website) 


I was blown away by his Arkansas Class held September 06 2019. Seems to me he's got the knowledge and the experience. We have a small window of time to get this important message out.  Please point people to these video's so they can in turn educate others.                            


Deze pagina is gewijd aan de verspreiding en het behoud van de klassen van David Straight.


(Ik zeg behoud omdat ik het gevoel heb dat de video's verwijderd zullen worden. Ze zijn echter geüpload naar deze website)

Ik ben onder de indruk van zijn Arkansas les gehouden 06 september 2019. Het lijkt me dat hij de kennis en de ervaring heeft. We hebben een klein beetje tijd om deze belangrijke boodschap uit te dragen.  Wijs de mensen alsjeblieft op deze video's, zodat ze op hun beurt anderen kunnen opleiden.

The Arkansas video's and credit belongs to

Daniel Joseph here is the link to the original uploaded video:


David Straight Arkansas Class 1 of 3

David Straight Arkansas Class 2 of 3

David Straight Arkansas Class 3 of 3

David Straight class March 3 2019

The Arkansas video's and credit belongs to

Daniel Joseph here is the link to the original uploaded video:

Panel Discussion with David Straight, Ron Gibson, and Anna Von Reitz

So you want to know how to win in court. You do this by exposing their fraud and by challenging jurisdiction. There are no statues of limitations on either one. You want know the real truth. How did I become a better fighter you ask. I'm going to let you in on something. I know the scam and fraud now. When you learn what government is and what government isn't, and that your only really a man or a woman in court. Your not a person, a citizen, or a resident. I know who I am, and who my public servants are and I know what de faco government is. That is definitely CPS. A private for profit corporation. This is a very smart man. His name is David Straight. I'm sharing this video from David Jose's Post This is for my YouTube viewers to see. I WANT YALL TO KNOW THE TRUTH CREDIT TO VIDEO BY: David Jose; a man, a living soul   URL:

I really want my viewers to know real truth. When you start realizing how things work and what CPS is and what real government and de facto government is. You begin to see the depth of the fraud. You become a better fighter. CREDIT to David Jose for the upload. SHARING THE INFORMATION


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